Arizona Scorpion Protection. Home Sealing Service.
Arizona Scorpion Protection. Home Sealing Service.
Arizona Scorpion Protection. Home Sealing Service.

My name is Thomas Turner and I am the Founder of AZ Scorpion Solutions. I live in Northwest Phoenix and have been here since my home was built in 2005. Since then, I have probably killed over 150 scorpions in and around my home.

This past September my 4 month old Presli & my wife Amy were both stung by a very small scorpion. Since my daughter was only 9 pounds, I had to rush her to the emergency room. She was in critical condition and needed to be air lifted to Phoenix Children’s hospital, where she stayed in the ICU for two days. This was such a traumatic experience, and since then I have dedicated hundreds of hours researching with hopes of stopping these very dangerous pests from entering my home. Not only are they extremely dangerous to small children and the elderly, but they can also kill dogs and other pets!

This is why I have started AZ Home Seals / AZ Scorpion Solutions, with the intent of helping people who have scorpions in their homes. The two biggest things you can do are preventing their entry and eliminating their food source. Immediately after this tragic event, I had my home sealed and have maintained regular pest control services. We will be happy to assist you with any form of pest control, but we are focused on scorpion protection services, as each year their population increases.
Phoenix Arizona is heavily populated with scorpions. They can climb walls, ceilings, and furniture, often dropping onto beds and into cribs. This can put your pets, children, and loved ones in severe danger.

Seal your home with an impenetrable barrier that will prevent scorpions from entering, keeping your family safe and secure.
Arizona Scorpion Protection. Home Sealing Service.

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